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Managing Director of PT Courses James Buckland has been involved in High-Performance sports for over 20 years.

By applying his knowledge and experience to this venture, James has been able to support the continued development of students who are keen to grow a career in the fitness industry. 

During James' rugby career, he played for various teams, won two Premiership titles, played in a European cup final, and gained international recognition with the England Saxons.

Once James decided to move into coaching, he focused ten years on coaching professional Rugby at Championship, Premiership and International levels. To this day, James is still a professional consultant coach. 

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Innovative Active IQ Courses

PT Courses aims to create an inclusive and forward-thinking online learning platform where you can start your career in the fitness industry or add further qualifications to your fitness career.

By using High-Performance coaching experiences to inspire further generations of young athletes at a period in their lives where sports development and future careers can be recognised and achieved. 

Our innovative online PT courses are designed to prepare your for a long and healthy fitness career. We offer a range of online fitness courses aimed at different levels of progression.

Whether you are just starting in the fitness industry and are keen to undertake a level 2 qualification or eager to continue your studies and gain a qualification in personal training, PT Courses Online has the knowledge and experience to help everyone. 

Practical assessment days at Aylesbury Rugby Club 

State of the art Gym and Rugby grounds

With access to tailored outdoor facilities and a state of the art indoor gym, learners will have a variety of equipment and a large outdoor space to work with when they come in for their practical assessment days. 

Together with our modern facilities, our shared values, and our staff members' professional experience, those who undertake a PT course online have the best opportunity to prepare and excel in their chosen sport or area of study.

Our flexible PT courses fit perfectly around your lifestyle, whether you are training in your spare time or all the time.

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Our passion at PT Courses Online is to provide access to any student who has a keen interest in the fitness industry and would like to continue their studies to enhance their future career prospects. 


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