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What can PT Courses Online offer you?

As an indpendent online fitness course provider, we aim to deliver courses to individuals who are looking to further their knowledge in the fitness industry. Those who undertake an online course with us are at the centre of our flexible training programmes, and we enable all to bring their enjoyment and passion to the heart of their fitness studies. 

We aim to offer everyone the opportunity to further their career for sports and fitness and we support each learner with their individual challenges along the way. We promote a flexible online learning space where you can study at a time that suits you and your lifestyle. 

PT Courses Online prepare you for current and future careers in sports, and our values shape the way we support online training courses. If you are looking to study fitness or personal training in a way that suits you, take a look at the courses we offer.

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The future of the fitness industry

As the world becomes more knowledgeable about their health and wellbeing, the fitness industry and personal trainers have seen a rise in the level of clients enlisting their services to train and stay fit and well. The personal training business is increasing, and more students are looking to combine their passion for fitness alongside their future career goals. 

Technology is more prevalent than ever in relation to fitness, with many turning to app-based workouts and streaming fitness regimes, which were incredibly popular during the pandemic. The demand for virtual trainers is rising. By providing our learners with all the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve, they will be able to hone a career in the fitness industry to follow these future trends. 

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When undertaking a fitness course, it's imperative that you have access to the right support from your tutors. That's why PT Courses can provide such a bespoke and successful course set to its students. Our professional tutors have longstanding experience working in the PT and fitness industry and can offer as little or as much support as you need when completing your online course.

Our fully equipped gym and training grounds make the perfect setting to complete your practical assessment days when you are coming to the end of your online course. Based at Aylesbury Rugby club, our gym and training space offers the latest in fitness equipment to supporting you in passing your online course.

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Our passion at PT Courses Online is to provide access to anyone who has a keen interest in the fitness industry and would like to continue their online studies to enhance their future career prospects. 


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